ارز دیجیتال تتریوم tether

Tetrium digital currency

How did the Tetrium digital currency  come about? What are the types of Tether? What is Teter Support? What are the differences between buying a paper dollar and Tether? What are the types of Tetrium digital currency wallets? Is it safe to keep Tetrium digital currency? What are the types of wallets for Tetra? If you want to answer all the above questions, read the rest of this article carefully.

Tether History

Tetrium digital currency  with the symbol USDT is one of the most popular stable currencies in the digital currency market, which is offered to the digital currency market with the support of the dollar. In this way, the value of any Tether digital currency is always equal to one dollar. With the exception of Tetra Stable Coins, many dollar-backed currencies have hit the market, but to date (August 2020) the Tetra digital currency, valued at more than $ 15 billion, remains the strongest Stable Coin currency.

The idea of ​​stable coins came about when developers noticed the sharp fluctuations of digital currencies, especially bitcoins. Especially in declining markets, people turned their capital into dollars because they wanted to maintain the value of their assets. This would drive capital out of the digital currency market. Also read pubg hack app. This is where the idea of ​​creating a digital dollar in 2015 came from. The idea progressed rapidly, and many currencies, especially bitcoin, emerged later

Now, with Tether, we can convert our capital into declining markets in dollars to maintain the value of our assets as prices fall. Without taking our money out of the market.

Technical specifications of Tetra digital currency

Tetrium digital currency is always dependent on the dollar. That is, if we look at the Tetra price chart against the dollar, we are always faced with an almost horizontal line. In other words, the network has been able to automatically maintain the value of each Tether in the market at one dollar.

We all know that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency with a limited number of 21 million worldwide. This means that no one can print bitcoin like paper money to reduce its value as it increases in number. Also read 888 ratBut Tether, like Bitcoin, is not limited in number. Tetra can be printed indefinitely. Provided that there is a dollar balance in Tether’s account for each Tetra.

Given that Tetra can be printed indefinitely, we must say that Tetrium digital currency is by no means a decentralized currency. Rather, it is fully centralized and managed by Tether.

In answer to this question, it is better to say yes to date. If we want to open this issue, we see that TETHER has been attacked many times by the idea that the company is printing Tether without support. Audits to date have shown that Tetra has enough dollars in its account for every Tetrium digital currency it prints. Also read bitrat. But there is no guarantee that this will continue forever.

So although there has been no problem for Tetra so far; But we must also consider the option that Tetra is a private company and may not last forever. When we buy a Tetrium digital currency, we actually buy it with the support of Tether. If the company does not exist tomorrow, there will be no more Tetrium digital currency. This points to the disadvantages of concentrating Tetrium digital currency.

Easy shipping without restrictions

You must have restrictions on exporting or importing dollars to other countries. Despite the sanctions, it may be a little difficult for us to transfer dollars, or we may have to pay a lot of money to circumvent the sanctions. But with Tetrium digital currency, you can transfer any amount of money anywhere in the world with the lowest commission, without any restrictions and with just a few clicks.

For example, if a seller has $ 100 to sell, I can not buy it for $ 21 . This is the problem with the scalability of paper dollars. But the Tetra dollar does not have this problem. You can buy and sell as many dollars as you want for up to one cent.

Completely safe from theft

Tether no longer has shipping problems due to its digital nature. This makes it safe against physical dollars against theft. If you carry paper money, you may always be a good subject for robbery. But in Tetra, no one can figure out how much money you have until you tell someone your account balance.

No counterfeit samples in the market

If you’ve bought paper dollars, making sure the dollars are authentic is a concern. Despite the high prices of the dollar, if a few counterfeit leaves are found in our dollars, it means that we have lost a big hat. But Teter cannot be counterfeit because it uses blockchain technology. This means that if you bought Teter, and it was sent to you, you can rest assured that the Tether blockchain has already been tested for fraud.

Tetrium digital currency, like bitcoin, is known as one of the most mysterious players in the digital currency industry. It has been repeatedly claimed in articles that the organization could manipulate supply, affect bitcoin prices and the direction of the digital currency market. Has played a role. According to this claim, IFINX created unsupported USDT units, bought bitcoins with them and artificially increased the price of bitcoins, creating a bitcoin bubble in the digital currency market, if that was not the value of bitcoins.

در آوریل ۲۰۱۹ (فروردین ۹۸)، دفتر دادستان کل نیویورک تتر را متهم کرد که برای جبران ضررهای خود ۸۵۰ میلیون دلار از پشتوانه تترها را برداشته است؛ ادعایی که بیتفینکس رد کرده است. کمی بعد، یکی از وکلای آیفینکس به صورت رسمی اعتراف کرد که فقط ۷۴ درصد از واحدهای USDT پشتوانه دلار واقعی دارند. وقتی خبر اتهامات وارده منتشر شد، کاربران این صرافی دارایی‌های خود را به ارزش حداقل ۹۰ میلیون دلار از کیف پول‌های بیتفینکس خارج کردند. در زمان نگارش این مطلب، هنوز تتر درگیر اتهامات ریز و درشت است.

از طرف دیگر، با وجود منزوی بودن و عدم شفافیت فعالیت‌های این شرکت، Tether از اعتماد بالایی در میان صرافی‌های بزرگ برخوردار است. با توجه به قوانین سفت‌و‌سخت آمریکا و هنک‌کنگ که آیفینکس ملزم به تبعیت از آنها است، معامله‌گران تتر خیلی نگران سرمایه‌های خود نیستند. USDT که در ابتدای عرضه در رده‌های بسیار پایین بازار ارزهای دیجیتال قرار داشت، با فعالیت باثبات خود طی چند سال اخیر، حالا در میان چهار ارز دیجیتال برتر بازار از نظر ارزش بازار قرار دارد

چرا قیمت ارز دیجیتال تتریوم همیشه ثابت است؟

باید به این نکته توجه داشت که ما برای اینکه بخوایم قیمت های ارز دیجیتال تتریوم رو یکسان نگهداری باید به این نکته توجه داشت تا هیچ وقت برای خرید ارز دیجتال تتریوم عجله نباید کرد و همیشه نمی نگاهی به اخبار روز دنیا داشت و قیمت روز بازار را در کنار تحلیل های تکنیکال کارشناسان مجرب در کنار نمودار تکنیکال و فاندامنتال داشته باشید و به ارزهایی مثل بیت کوین هم توجه داشته باشید تا از زیان و از دست رفتن سرمایه جلو گیری کنید

به ازای هر واحد تتری که تولید می‌شود ۱ دلار آمریکا در ذخایر بانکی نگهداری شده است که به عنوان پشتوانه این ارز دیجیتال عمل می‌کند.

How to buy Tetra?

To buy Tetra, you need to go to exchange sites ارز دیجیتال مراجعه کنید. فقط کافی است کلمه «خرید تتر» را جستجو کنید. همچنین می‌توان در سایت‌های بین‌المللی مانند بایننس، ارزهای دیجیتال دیگر مثل بیت کوین را به تتر تبدیل کرد.

Which wallets support Tetra digital currency? Dozens of software and hardware wallets support Tetr. The best software wallets that support Tetra include the Myetherwallet Coinomi, the Trust Wallet, and the Atomic Wallet. The Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets are also among the top two hardware wallets in which Tetra can be stored.


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